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  Art Work


Mark Shryock

Full Moon Rising

_DSC0090 (6).JPG

This painting is one of my favorites. It is called "Full Moon Rising" and depicts the energy exchange between the Earth and the moon when the moon is full. It is watercolor and is one of my larger paintings. Available at my studio.  Original 20 in X 30 in on 300 lb arches cold press framed and matted in  32 1/2 by 40  frame.  S950.00     Limited edition prints  available.  

_DSC0090 (4).JPG
_DSC0090 (3).JPG
_DSC0090 (5).JPG

The Honey Tree

_DSC0106 (4).JPG

This painting is a multimedia painting using heavy acrylic over watercolor.  It represents the way I saw nature work in harmony at Willow Creek Clearing. The painting also represents the abundance of life given freely by spirit. Spirit doesn't care if we go to the river with a bucket or a spoon. The painting was also inspired by what to me is the most beautiful of all wildflowers, the cardinal flower.  Available.  950.00.  Limited edition prints are available.  

_DSC0110 (2).JPG
_DSC0106 (5).JPG

The Dance

This is a mixed media of Acrylic and watercolor.  it is called the "Honey Tree". It was inspired by cardinal flowers that grew at Willow Creek Clearing. 

Dance of Life.jpg

This painting, "The Dance " is a combination of serval weights of acrylic paints and watercolors. the painting is the heaviest acrylic application I have applied to date.  "The Dance " represents the joy and celebration of life. Created 4//28/2018. Sold.  Available in limited print only. 

Heading 3

Flowers Singing with Stars

_DSC0239 (4)2345.jpg

Flowers singing with Stars.  Painted with Acrylic and Mica, then digitally painted over. This image exists only as digital. Available as a limited print only. Mark A. Shryock 7/29/2019​

Star Rider

_DSC0062 (3).JPG

The idea came to me while staring at a blank canvas before painting to create a picture of  Native Americans on horseback in a blizzard, or so it appears, but actually, are riding in the stars. Thus the name Star Riders. This painting is a watercolor painting approximately 15 by 20 inches on arches 300 lb cold press. Available. 550.00  framed and matted. Limited edition prints available .

  Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall.jpg

Rainbow Waterfall. Acrylic, Mica and watercolor. Canvas 11 in x 14 in. Sold. Limited edition prints are available.

        The River Bank

rivers edge fin.jpg

"The River Bank" Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 48 in. Finished 12/8/2019.   Available 1500.00.  Limited edition prints are available. 

Star Riders-Painting 2

_DSC0079 (2).JPG

"Star Riders-Painting 2" is a continuation of the idea I had for "Star Riders".  I used heavy acrylic over the watercolor in this painting giving it a much heavier texture and more solid feeling than the much more fluid watercolor painting of  "Star Riders". It is smaller than star Rider and is 10 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches.  I liked the hot pink against the dark backdrop. Sold

           Winter Moon

Winter moon.jpg

"Winter Moon" Digital painting created from a photograph I took after an ice storm in Joplin Mo.  The painting was created on July 18, 2019. Available only in limited edition print.


big one.jpg

"Spring"  Acrylic. 48 in x 60 in.  One of my larger works. I painted this in the spring of 2018, starting it after a walk in the woods and seeing so many beautiful spring flowers. This was a time-consuming painting because of the heavy acrylic and multi-layered technique I used.  Sold.

Window Loneliness  

_DSC0076 (3).JPG

Having lived in some of Asia's largest cities, I was always amazed how at times I could feel lonely in an ocean of people. This painting is one, of a series of four paintings, called "Window Lonlyness" based on the feelings I got when alone, thousands of miles from friends, family, and home, staring out the window panes in a big city watching others with friends and loved ones as they lived their lives.  The neon lights would light the sky above a sea of blue shadows below. Painting 1 is mixed media using watercolor, acrylic and acrylic, and watercolor pens and is approximately 10 1/4 by 16 inches.  

The Heavenly Scent of Carbon  Lilies on Venus 

Carbon lilies on Venus.jpg

I wanted to experiment with using mica and Hydrus paint allowing the paint to run into the Mica. It was hard to control and hard to work with, but the color's results are striking. 24 x 36 inch Arches cold press 300 lb paper. I named this experimental abstract "The Heavenly Scent of Carbon Lilies  Floating on Venus."  Painted May 4, 2018.

Sold.  Available in limited edition print only. 

         Copper Forest

Finished Copper Forest (3).jpg

"Copper Forest", was created using Mica, Watercolor, and Acrylic. I allowed the watercolor to run into the mica and both run over the already dry acrylic. The painting represents the magic of a forest and the forest healing properties, much the same way that copper heals us. Look close and you will see a nature angel disguised as a tree.  24 inch by 48-inch canvas. Painted December 8, 2019.  Available 1500.00.  Limited edition prints are available.  


                FIRST FROST


The first hard frost always ends the life cycle of many plants and insect beings and marks the beginning of a new cycle to follow. I always try to go talk with the plants I have worked with, especially in my garden the few hours before the frost before they cross over. I spend time with them and thank them for their service and beauty. this painting represents the moment the frost comes to a prairie. This passing of energy is almost always at night, at least in the midwest. Acrylic on 24 by 48- in canvas. painted December 1, 2018.  Available 1500.00.  Limited edition prints are available. 

       Dance of the Frost                   Fairies

Frost Faries Dancing.jpg

"Dance of the Frost Fairies" This is a digital image created by digitally painting over a digitally altered photograph I took of hoarfrost on a sheet of glass I framed to capture the frost overnight when subzero temperatures were forecast. Limited edition prints are available. 

Desert Canyon Night 

_DSC0082 (3).JPG

Desert Canyon Night. Acrylic and watercolor. Painted October 11, 2018. 20 in x 20 in arches 300 lb cold press. Sold

The Forest Keeper


"The Forest Keeper. acrylic, watercolor, mica, on 30 in x 40 in canvas. In every forest, the grandfather tree watches over and keeps the forest. Available. 1500.00. Limited edition prints are available.

I'll Give You the Moon and the Stars​

The forest moon fin.jpg

"I'll Give you the Moon and the Stars." Digital recreation of an older acrylic painting I did. Painted on Dec 20, 2019. Limited edition print only.

Kodaikanal Lillies 

Lilies of  India.jpg

"Lilies" A digitally altered and repainted photograph I took of lilies on a lake in Kodaikanal, India. 5/14/2019. Mark A. Shryock Limited edition prints only.

Desert Mountian Bloom


This painting is acrylic and watercolor.  This one also hangs in our house. Slight glare on photograph due to already being framed. Painting is 16 by 19 inches.  Sold.



"Taurus" is a watercolor painting that shows the way the sign Taurus expresses itself in nature as radiant light seeking to merge with radiant light.  Taurus pulls the light of God and anchors it to the Earth. Not for sale. 

fin prpaire storm.jpg

       Prairie Storm

Some of the people who follow my work have told me they dislike this painting. "Too dark", muddy, "gloomy" have all been used to describe this painting. Others I have told me they think it is beautiful.  The painting shows what a severe midwest storm looks while standing in a prairie.  A sight I know well from my years of tallgrass prairie restoration work. it represents the void, the in-between place we all find ourselves when one thing has ended and the new has not yet shown itself.  It is a time often of loneliness, tiredness, confusion, as part of us is dying while a new part is being born. I felt all of this as I painted it.  Prairie Storm is a breakthrough painting for me in that halfway through it I sat down my brush and began to paint with my hands. The sky is completely painted by hand and much of the prairie is.  Acrylic  30 x 40 inch canvas. Painted on  12/19/2019.  Available.  1500.00.  Limited edition prints are available.

Life Eating Life


In nature, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, shows us the natural rhythm of all creation.  One thing will rise and die and nourish the thing that is growing in its space and time. "Life Eats Life"  is acrylic and watercolor. The painting is 10 and a half by 13 inches. Sold. Limited edition prints are available. 

           Syria Bleeds

Syria bleeds (2).jpg

"Syria Bleeds" Painted when a call came out of Syria from my Kurd artist friends for artist everywhere to create work so that awareness of the atrocities of the Kurds would be exposed. Acrylic and Hydrus watercolor on 36 by 48-inch canvas. Painted on  4/1/2019. Available 1750.00


art 2 003123.jpg

"Aquarius"   7.5 feet by 4.5 feet.  Watercolor.  painted in 2015 as a joint project with my then, 5-year-old daughter.   Sold.  Limited edition prints are available.  

      Hidden Cathedral 

Hidden cathdral 21fin.jpg

"Hidden Cathedral."  Acrylic. 30 in x 40-inch canvas. Painted in 2018. Sold. Limited edition prints are available.

       Prairie  Bloom


"Prairie Bloom"  Acrylic and Mica.  Canvas 48 in x 60 in.  Available  3500.00 

         The FireKeeper

The Firekeeper finished.jpg

"The Firekeeper"   Acrylic, watercolor, mica.  Canvas 36 in x 48.  Throughout humankind 's existence, there has always been the sacred female among us who protects and brings forth the light and wisdom of the ages so it not lost. She is the keeper of the sacred flame.  Available.  1750.00. Limited edition prints are available. 

  Death to the Dragonfly

death of.jpg

"Death to the Dragonfly"'   Acrylic, mica, watercolor.  Canvas 48 in x 48 inches.  Available  1850.00. Limited  edition  prints are available. 

       Black Rock Bear

Bears I have known finished.jpg

"Black Rock Bear".  Digital. 2019. Limited edition prints are available.  

         Momma Bear

Bears I have Known fished bear 21.jpg

"Momma Bear"   Digital. 2019. Limited edition prints available. 

         Ozark Morning


"Ozark Morning"  Digital. 2019. Limited edition print available. 

india 137fin1fim.jpg

             The Rest

"The  Rest"   Digital.  2019.  Limited edition prints are available.  

          Desert Bloom

The Cactus.JPG

"Desert Bloom"   Digital remake of the original painting. 2019. Limited edition prints are available. 



"Fireflies"   Digital. 2019. Limited edition prints available. 

             Red Maple

Red Maple.jpg

"Red Maple"  Digital. 2019.  Limited edition prints available. 

    November Morning


"November Morning"  Digital.  2019.   Limited edition prints are available.  

           Forest Light

Forest Light2.jpg

"Forest Light" Digital remake of original work.  2019. Limited edition print available.  

           The Market


"The Market"    Digital. 2019.  Limited edition prints are available. 

           The Birthday

The Birthday.jpg

"The Birthday" Digital. 2019.  limited edition prints available. 

      Desert Vibration

Desert Mica.jpg

"Desert Vibration"     Acrylic and Mica. 30 in x 40 inch canvas.  Available   1500.00   Limited edition prints available.

          Orange Flower

orange flower.jpg

"Orange Flower"    Acrylic.    Canvas  36 in x 48 inches.   Available     1750.00   Limited edition prints are available. 

     The Seed

finished seed of life.jpg

"The Seed"   Acrylic, watercolor, mica.  Sheetrock mud on canvas.  canvas 24 in x 48 inches. Orginal presently not for sale.  Limited edition prints available. 

   Dead Man Walking                   Tornado

Dead Man Walking Tornado.JPG

"Dead Man Walking Tornado" Hydrus Watercolor.  Arches 300 lb cold press. 16 in x 20 inches. Matted and framed.  Barnwood frame.  Available. 600.00  Limited edition prints available. 

  Twin Flames           Rising

Twin flame rising finished!.jpg

"Twin Flames Rising.  Sheetrock mud on canvas. (see picture below)  24 in x 48 inch. Acrylic, watercolor, mica. 2019. Available  2000.00   Limited edition prints available. 


   Waterlilies on Fire

Water Lilies on Fire.jpg

"Waterlilies on Fire"   Acrylic and Watercolor.   24 in x 36-inch canvas.  Available.  1500.00    limited edition prints available. 


Twilite finished.jpg

        "Twilight" Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock January 2020.                                         Limited edition prints are available. 


The Spirit of Abundance.jpg

 "Abundance" Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock   January 2020. Limited edition prints are available.

            Red Flower

red flower 5.jpg

                                                 "Red Flower" Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock 

                                                       Jan 2020. Limited edition prints are available.

       A World Far Away

A workd Far Away.jpg

                            "A World Far Away" Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock  Jan 2020.

                                                          Limited edition prints are available.

       Western Ghats at                     Twilight

Western  Ghats at Twilight finished.jpg

                                 "Western Ghats at Twilight"   Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock Jan 2020.

                                                             Limited edition prints are available. 

        Protective Angel


            "Protective Angel"  Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock  Jan 2020. Limited edition prints are available.

   Watching The Moon

Watching the moon1.jpg

"Watching the Moon".  Digital.  Created  by Mark A. Shryock  Jan 2020. Limited editions  prints available

              The Barn

Barn Finished (3).jpg

            "The Barn" Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock  Jan 2020. Limited edition prints are available.

                  Church of                     my Grandfathers 

Church of my Grandfathers..jpg

"Church of my Grandfathers" Digital. created by Mark A. Shryock  Jan  2019.  Limited edition prints are available.


Silence 9.jpg

                 "Silence"  Digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock Jan 2020. Limited edition prints available. 

              Red Hat

Red hat.jpg

"Red Hat"   digital. Created by Mark A. Shryock  Jan 2020.  Limited edition prints are available.  

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