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                                     Artist Statement


 I  have traveled across the world seeking out the spiritual. This led me to a lot of high spiritual energy places. Because I see, hear, and feel the energy, I know that spiritual energy is very real. Some places can lift us or restrict our energy if we do not know how to block it. Trees and old-growth forest, pristine vibrant ecosystems of all sort, waterfalls, springs, mountains, ocean waves, all have high uplifting energy. There are many high energy Earth vortexes, as well as ashrams, and historical sacred spots like Notre Dame Cathedral across the globe. And I have journeyed to many of them. Yet for all my travels one thing was always left unanswered. Why did I always see, hear, and feel, the brightest, strongest light, not around spiritual masters, not around the old-growth forest, or sacred cathedrals, or Earth vortexes, but around where art was being made.


I know now that when we make our art we enter into a sacred act. This art is different for every person and does not have to be a painting. It can be a bowl of soup, if the person making it is so focused, they stop thinking about the future, or about the past, and are joyfully engaged at the moment creating. When this happens something greater than ourselves pours through us. We become a vehicle for higher energies to enter the Earth plane. This energy transforms us as it pours through us and transforms others as they experience the thing created. I do not think it is accidental the words art and heart are found in the word Earth. We are all here, every one of us, to find our art, and let it pour through our hearts to uplift ourselves and others. This is my conclusion after 33 years of traveling the world and seeking spiritual truth. There is no higher form of spirituality than art that is created by a person so focused in what they love that all traces of time disappear, and something greater than themselves pours through their heart and creates. This art, be it soup, or a painting on the ceiling of a chapel, and the artmaking, the love in action that created it, has the power to change the world and indeed does so.


My entire spiritual journey has been about embracing this form of art and art-making. So much has had to change inside of me to honor it and continues to change. The art is far greater than me, but it grows me and changes me, calls me, and soothes me. My work is an attempt to honor this sacred act of transformation both on a global and personal level. I know, if by nothing else, by honoring my creative process, I help others to honor theirs.  The power of sacred art ripples out like a rock thrown in a pond.


My art reflects themes of the sacred, of the energy I see and feel in nature, and the celebration of creativity and the cycles of creativity.

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